This site has the largest searchable collection of Alex Mustard’s Underwater Photography anywhere online. Although it contains many thousands of images, please note that this is a curated collection, showcasing a small percentage of the images Alex had made. These images have been selected by the photographer to represent the best of his work and is updated regularly as Alex takes and processes new images.

The search facility works best with locations (countries) and species (common or latin names). Although all images are fully captioned and keyworded with colours, numbers and behaviour all noted. So many search terms work well. All spelling in the captions is in UK English!

The search is optimised to find all matches. For example “ray” will find all stingrays, manta rays, sun rays and even morays. Furthermore, you do not need to type in the entire word, “nudib” will find all nudibranchs. In general, avoid plurals, “fishes” will return only fishes, and miss fish. “Fish” gets both.

If you enter two or more words, then the search will look for exact matches, e.g. “Basking Shark” will not yield other types of shark. Use “&” or “AND” for multiple terms, such as “diver AND wreck AND Red Sea” will return all diver images, with wrecks from the Red Sea.

This stock search tool can also be used by anyone interested in Alex’s photography. Underwater photographers can use this to search for dive destinations they are planning to visit or even specific cameras, such as “Nikon D5” (for lenses just use the number, type “105” for the popular Nikon 105mm macro lens). You can also use the year as a search term (such as “2017”).

Each image has a file name e.g. UK16_am_12345 – please quote these when requesting images. Should an image not exactly match your needs, please contact Alex as he is likely to have alternative images of the same subject, but do remember that the images here are the photos he prefers of that subject.