magicMagic Filters started in 2005 when Alex designed a filter to counteract the colourcast of seawater in his own photos and extend the type of images he could take. Alex began testing the filters with Peter Rowlands, while they were refining the filter in the Red Sea other photographers who saw the results persuaded them not to keep the filter for themselves. And so Magic Filters was born.

Magic Filters are designed specifically for digital cameras and have revolutionized how available light photos are taken underwater. Simply, Magic filters allow you to produce colourful photos or videos without having to use strobes, flash or lights. Despite the name and the performance, there is no Magic. All Magic Filters are custom recipes that have been found to produce the best results while taking photographs underwater.

Magic Filters can be bought direct from the website or from one of leading underwater photography dealers that stock them. The Magic Filter recipe is also used in GoPro Flip Filters.



All images taken with Magic Filter and no strobes

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