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Flambo Portrait. Philippines.
Flamboyant Cuttlefish. Philippines.
Nudibranch Laying Eggs. Philippines
Pink Mantis. Philippines
Criptic Sponge Shrimp. Philippines.
Female Threadfin Anthias. Philippines
Blue Ring Octopus. Philippines.
Blue Ring Wide Angle. Philippines.
Devil Scorpionfish. Philippines
Anemonefish Family. Philippines
Male Dragonets Fighting. Philippines
Ambon Yawn. Philippines
Spawning Triplefins. Philippines.
Painted Frogfish Fishing. Philippines
A dive guide and photographer approach a yawning hairy frogfish (striated frogfish: Antennarius striatus) disguised on the seabed. Dauin, Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines. Bohol Sea, Tropical West Pacific Ocean.
Freshwater Terrapin. Philippines.
Cowfish Portrait. Philippines.
Garden Eels. Philippines
Anemonefish Eggs. Philippines
Clownfish. Philippines.

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