All photographs taken by Alex Mustard are his copyright and protected against reproduction without his permission, around the world, by British Law.

Alex Mustard/Alexander Mustard hereby asserts his moral right to be identified as the author of this work in accordance with section 78 of the UK’s Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

A licence for reproduction of Alex Mustard’s images is supplied for the specific usage within an agreed geographical area and for a specified period, for an appropriate fee. The level of payment for image use is dependent on the details of usage. Unauthorised use not only incurs the original fee, but also compensation (which is typically many times the usage fee).

Alex is very happy to licence the use of my photographs on the web, in printed and other media for editorial, advertising or other purposes, for appropriate reimbursement. Please contact for more details.

Alex says “For those wishing to request free usage of my photos, for whatever reason, please read this explanation of the Photographer’s Perspective, written by my friend Tony Wu. There are many causes that I regularly donate images to for free, but I do not have the time and resources to be able to help every request. Please bear this in mind when contacting me.”

“I am happy to allow fair use of the images on this website in the stock library for educational and non-commercial purposes (e.g. a Powerpoint presentation on marine life or photography), where my name is included on the image, without the need to contact me.”