Divers consistently rate the SS Thistlegorm as not only one of the world’s best wreck dives, but as one of the world’s best dives – period. The ship is packed with the materials of war; lorries, trucks, motorbikes, aircraft spares and airfield equipment are crammed into the forward holds, while the remains of shattered vehicles and armoured vehicles lie amongst boxes of ammunition in the aft holds. This book brings together historical images and archive documents, underwater photography, 3D photogrammetry and digital reconstruction to present the wreck in a truly unique and stunning way. Co-authored by Simon Brown, Jon Henderson, Alex Mustard and Mike Postons, the book is a detailed 3D digital guide to the famous Thistlegorm wreck in the Egyptian Red Sea and represents an exciting new way to present shipwrecks, making the most of the interactive iBook format.

Alex says “A fun fact – this book probably has more underwater photos in it than any other – 25,000! Although most were used to create a 3D photogrammetry model of the wreck and cargo – which you can interact with in the book (spin, zoom, flip etc). We’ve got still images of all the important features (there are 120+ of my ‘classic’ images – all of which can be viewed full screen) as well as shots of surviving examples of the military vehicles and period images specially licensed from the Imperial War Museum. We’ve even built a 3D digital model of the ship from the original builders plans.”

“Everyone involved in this production should take a box for raising the bar on what can be achieved when emerging new technologies come our way… I’m going to lower the tone of this review to a ‘must buy’ ” –  Underwater Photography Magazine

Released October 2018. Apple iBooks.



We live on a planet where 71 percent of the surface is covered in water- and yet much of the wonderful wildlife within these underwater worlds remains mysterious and elusive. This book -aided by the wonderful imagery of Alex Mustard, one of the world’s leading underwater photographers- aims to shine new light upon our seas and the extraordinary variety of plant and animal life that lives beneath its depths. It also goes some way to showing us exactly what it is we stand to lose, with the text addressing the very real issues of change in the oceans along with tales of oceanography, marine life and human history in the seas. The images are crisp and immediate, making this a beautiful coffee table item, with each chapter accompanied by a 1500 word essay and extended captions written by leading natural history writer, Professor Callum Roberts.

Alex says “The book tells 10 stories from the oceans and is a collaboration with Callum Roberts, Professor of Marine Conservation and my favourite writer on the oceans. Sharing insights into how creatures live their lives, revealing behaviour, characters, seascapes, the beautiful and the bizarre. It helps you get to know the ocean more deeply and then uses the facts it shares to help you properly understand the threats to our changing sea.”

“This isn’t a title to read just once, but one into which you’ll continue to dive – to escape, to be entertained, and to become better informed about our fascinating, spectacular oceans.” –  BBC Wildlife

“[An] arresting set of sea life portraits, each of which could easily stand alone as a character study… This isn’t just a two-dimensional aquarium for your coffee table but a study of our oceans and seas, past and present and tentative future.” –  National Geographic Traveller

“What Roberts does with deceptive ease is to make sense of the seas. Through an inspired blend of words and pictures the authors celebrate the best of the underwater world while using its beauty to underline the multiple threats it faces and the sights we no longer see.” – Diver Magazine

Released September 2016. Amazon UK. Amazon USA.




Alex Mustard’s long awaited, brand new instructional book covering classic and cutting edge photographic techniques. It details all aspects of underwater photography, from equipment to novel creative ideas, but its focus is particularly on light and lighting.

Alex says “it is based on the techniques and advice that really works for me and that I have seen really work for the students on my workshops. It is also packed with detailed, the real world tips that I have picked up shooting all around the world. Its aims not only help you get better underwater photos, but will make you a better, more knowledgeable underwater photographer.”

“This is the very best publication, written by one of the most talented authors I’ve ever had the privilege to read, on the subject of underwater photography” – Nigel Wade in DIVER Magazine

“This book exceeded my expectations; I expect it will quickly become regarded as the definitive handbook for serious underwater photographers. …this is the most comprehensive guide I have seen in terms of different shooting scenarios. Above all, I admire the clarity of his writing – every skill is explained with the demystifying simplicity of a natural teacher.” Simon Rogerson in SCUBA Magazine

Amazon UK. Amazon USA. Also available as iBook including 50 instructional videos.



2020VISION (2012)

This book brings together 20 of the best of British nature photographers to communicate through images the value of conserving and rebuilding Britain’s wild places, for the benefit of nature and our own well being. Skimming off the very best images from this pool of photographic talent, few would argue that it is one of the greatest collections of British wildlife imagery ever seen.

“Sights To Savour And Save” The Mail On Sunday

“2020VISION not only allows us to celebrate the UK’s natural riches but also gives us an insight into emerging perspectives, fresh ambitions and real hope for the future. So look at, revel in and be astonished by what you see and read in this book; be in awe of the beautiful photographs, but do not forget the unique and innovative purpose of 2020VISION’s objectives – to make us all realise it’s the bigger picture that really matters.” Chris Packham

Amazon UK.




Revolutionary underwater photography is combined with a marine biologist’s expert understanding of reef life, in Alex Mustard’s visual manifesto of a world at the sharpest edge of climate change. The world’s coral reefs may disappear within the century, warned the landmark Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Through his award-winning photography Mustard seeks to change perceptions and show why we cannot afford to lose these invaluable treasures. They support the most diverse marine communities and beautiful seascapes, and their health is an indicator of the health and future of our planet. Perpetually surprising, Mustard’s photographs derive from coral reefs from all around the world, including the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Southeast Asia and Caribbean. They include images from newly discovered reefs off Southern Birds Head Peninsula in West Papua, found by scientists to support the most diverse reef fish communities in the world, as well as a previously unknown species of ‘walking shark’. Reefs Revealed was awarded World Grand Prize for the best book of underwater photographs at the 34th World Festival of Underwater Images, France.

“A coffee-table book with brains as well as beauty.” Simon Rogerson, DIVE Magazine

“Breathtakingly beautiful photographic celebration of the world’s coral reefs.” Good Book Guide

Amazon UK. Amazon USA. Amazon FR. Amazon DE.




A landmark photography collection by an award-winning photographer. Colorful, vibrant, larger-than-life, yet somehow real, hyperreal. Scuba diving has become one of the world’s most popular adventure sports, with now more than 20 million registered divers. Enthusiasts’ passion grows from their exploration of a completely magical and otherworldly dimension under the sea. Each dive is a fresh experience, revealing a different diorama, captured in full color in this magnificent book. With a perfect blend of art and science, the text and photography recreates the emotional and sensual dimension of diving as well as conveying the intellectual fascination of meeting unusual underwater creatures and observing the condition of marine environments. An unparalleled compilation that also documents the world’s best diving venues, undersea caves, wrecks and wildlife, this book is almost as transcendent as diving itself.

“This is the best book about diving since Jacques Cousteau’s the Silent World” David Doubilet

“It is probably the best book about diving published in the last 20 years… If you read DIVER because it is a reliable source of diving information, then trust us when we say: buy this book” Michel Gilbert and Danielle Alary DIVER Magazine

Amazon UK. Amazon USA. Amazon DE.