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South Australia, Southern Ocean, November 2007

Me and dragon

In November 2007 I travelled to Adelaide in South Australia and dived in three areas: the Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and the Yorke Peninsula. I am particularly grateful to Carey Harmer, of Leafy Seadragon Tours and Sea Optics, for his local knowledge and support in the field. The main aim of this trip was to photograph the beautiful leafy sea dragons (see a self portrait with sea dragon, above). Sea dragons are shy and delicate creatures and winning their trust to get intimate portraits took many dives. In addition to the leafies I photographed a wide variety of species, including Australia sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, pyjama striped squid, ornate cowfish and a range of other fish and invertebrates.

At the moment these images are password protected in order to keep them fresh for publication. I am happy to license the use of these new images for editorial and advertising. Please email me for access details. No need to state reason - just browsing is enough. If I am online access password sent by return.

Equipment-wise I used both the Nikon D2X and Nikon D80 cameras, both in Subal housings. For lenses I used the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye zoom, Nikon 12-24mm, Sigma 17-70mm and Nikon 60mm. I also used my relatively new Inon Z240 strobes. I shot some images of the leafies with the Magic filter, which not only really brought out their colours but also avoided stressing them with repeated strobe flashes.

Sea Lion

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