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Personal Portfolio - April 2014

I have recently updated the format of my portfolio page. Your first stop should be my main portfolio of 50 photographs. If you enjoy that portfolio, then there are a selection of themed portfolios of 50 images each to peruse, click on the links below. All these galleries are open. My plan is to change the themed portfolios periodically to give a better impression of the variety of my underwater photography. Themes will not always be subject driven, I have themed portfolios on black and white, super macro and wide angle macro in preparation.

I have never wanted to be a specialist underwater photographer, just shooting sharks or even fish portraits. I have always challenged myself to find the story and generate interest in all underwater subjects. I shoot marine life, wrecks, freshwater and people underwater; I've always shot macro and wide angle and plenty in between; and continue to work in clear, blue tropical water and chilly, murky green water. In short, if it is wet I am interested and always try and put my own interpretation on the subject. Please note that all galleries require Flash, if your device is not compatible you can view my portfolio here.

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