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Photography Group Trips

In addition to running my dedicated photo workshops, I also lead group trips each year for photographers. These trips are designed to provide underwater photographers and videographers with diving that is perfectly tailored for producing to quality images. Although these trips do not have any formal photography lectures or image review sessions, there is always lots of discussion about photography and how to get the most out of the opportunities we experience. These trips are often focused on a location, an event or a species and are typically highly productive for all. I am happy to share my knowledge of techniques and subjects throughout these trips.

Photo trips are popular with photographers and subjects!

When these trips are focused on an event, species etc, as with any wildlife encounters nothing can be 100% guaranteed, although all these trips are planned in great detail to visit locations at the peak time and with the best local guides. These trips are usually as popular as my workshops and are also announced via my newsletter. You can read more about my photo trips here.


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