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The Art Of Diving - reviews

The UK Edition of The Art Of Diving was released in at the beginning of April 2006. By the end of that month the book reached 242nd best seller on Amazon from all books, most other diving books rank between 10,000th and 50,000th! This page contains some extracts from various media reviews.

Nick Hanna and Alex Mustard are both connoisseurs of diving and their love of the subject shines out of every page of this inspirational book. Conceptionally... Hanna had established the fundamental principle - that diving is so much more than a mere sport - and the book grew from there. Inspired by Mustard's groundbreaking photography, Hanna embarked on a journey through the many facets of diving. Much of the content serves as an appreciation of all things sub-aqua, but Hanna does not seek to win us over simply by the power of his prose. He addresses the roots and history of diving [and] key areas of underwater exploration: fish watching, free-diving and the different environments divers choose to visit. There are chapters on animal encounters, spiritual approaches to diving and the fate of the oceans, each packed with the authors insights... Mustard and Hanna work to a shared vision... the images here are more satisfying than in similar books, as they are closely intertwined with the text. More to the point they look great. I immensely enjoyed The Art Of Diving... ultimately, the different facets of the book make it impossible to categorize. It is part photo-book, part social history, part natural history and part handbook. Above all, it is an erudite love letter to divers and the sea.
Simon Rogerson, DIVE Magazine

Readers take note: The Art of Diving is... probably the best book about diving published in the last 20 years... What does it offer to earn our high praise?... In a word... this 272-page opus is about passion. It is about making a real connection with the water world, learning how to be truly amazed by this alien wonderland whose door you open with the key we call a C-card. It is about stopping to smell the roses... Alex Mustards photography is superb and familiar to us; we had the pleasure of adjudicating his work at the Antibes World Festival of Underwater Images a few years back and his striking images won many awards on that occasion... If you read DIVER because it is a reliable source of diving information, then trust us when we say: buy this book, it is worth it and you will become a better diver.
Michel Gilbert and Danielle Alary, DIVER Magazine (CAN) Full review..

The result of Hanna and Mustard's collaboration is tremendous: from the endless creative juices of these two aesthetes came the magnificent book, The Art of Diving. Never before has a book about scuba diving been so beautiful, so literate, and so spot on... they have put together a tender document suggesting that it doesnt matter much how you do it, so long as you treasure the experience... more than an overview of the underwater world, more than a history of the sport we all love, The Art of Diving is an elegant treatise on how to get more out of diving.
Willy Volk, and Full review.

The Art of Diving... is a collaboration between experienced journalist Nick Hanna and excellent underwater photographer Alexander Mustard. Not to put too fine a point on it, this is a publishing marriage made in heaven. [It] is a 272 page visual and textual celebration of our world and is laid out with excellent visual punctuation held together by Hannas easy but comprehensive style of prose and illustrated with Mustards consistently imaginative images. A book about diving is a daunting prospect to pull off as it is such an all encompassing sport and for many of us experienced divers we often forget the excitement of why we dive and the physical sensations of our first few dives. This book takes us back to our beginnings and encapsulates all that is good and exciting. If it can do this for us it will be the perfect ambassador to all those considering this potentially life changing activity. The Art of Diving is published by Ultimate Sports and is amazing value at just £20.
Peter Rowlands, Underwater Photography Magazine

The Art of Diving brings together the well-honed journalistic skills of Nick Hanna and undoubtedly fine photographic techniques of Alex Mustard. I compliment the author on the extensive research that allows him to quote some obvious and sometimes less obvious sources, and the photographer on the remarkably clean look of the pictures, and graphic simplicity that neverfails to draw the eye.
John Bantin, Diver Magazine (UK) Full review.

PADI Divers Will Love the Art of Diving - Anyone with a love of the underwater world will probably be enthralled with this beautiful new book from Ultimate Sports. The amazing photographs are also something that those taking PADIs new Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty course will probably dream of aspiring to. Start yourself on the path to being an award-winning photographer by enrolling on the new PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty course today. In the meantime you can inspire yourself with this stunning book, and fascinating website that accompanies it.
PADI International Full review.

This is the best book about diving since Jacques Cousteaus The Silent World. Come, dive into Nick Hanna and Alexander Mustards bright blue world. Here turtles bow, flounders court, sharks skulk and, best of all, divers leap, soar and even meditate. Alex has a unique eye. This is dynamic underwater imagery at its best.
David Doubilet

The Art of Diving beautifully reveals the deepest secrets of our love affair with the liquid world.
Tim Ecott

Its a gorgeous read and I wish you much success. Some of my favorite pictures are the mantis shrimp with the brood of eggs and the soldier fish with parasite.
Fabien Cousteau (email)

Got my copy a couple of days ago. I have to say this is the best Diving Book I ever had in my hands. The pictures are spectacular and the texts are really worth reading!
Simon K posted in the forums at

Awesome!! is one word to describe it and I really do mean awesome. The pics are top notch. I have not seen anything to compare with your pics for many years Well done! Pass on my congratulations to Nick please.
Martin Edge (email)

I have read The Art of Diving several times and it remains the best diving book that I own.
Dan Brewer (email)

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