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These pages contain details, sample pages, reviews and purchase information for my books.

Underwater Photography Masterclass

Underwater Photography Masterclass is my brand new instructional book covering classic and cutting edge photographic techniques. It details all aspects of underwater photography, from equipment to novel creative ideas, but its focus is particularly on light and lighting. It is based on the techniques and advice that really works for me and that I have seen really work for the students on my workshops. It is also packed with detailed, the real world tips that I have picked up shooting all around the world. Available March/April 2016.

Will not only help you get better underwater photos, but will make you a better, more knowledgeable underwater photographer - Alex Mustard.


The 2020VISION Book is a collaborative effort, but one that I have worked very had on. The book brings together 20 of the best of British nature photographers to communicate through images the value of conserving and rebuilding Britain's wild places, for the benefit of nature and our own well being. Skimming off the very best images from this pool of photographic talent, few would argue that it is one of the greatest collections of British wildlife imagery seen.

Sights To Savour And Save - The Mail On Sunday.

2020VISION not only allows us to celebrate the UK's natural riches but also gives us an insight into emerging perspectives, fresh ambitions and real hope for the future. So look at, revel in and be astonished by what you see and read in this book; be in awe of the beautiful photographs, but do not forget the unique and innovative purpose of 2020VISION's objectives - to make us all realise it's the bigger picture that really matters. Chris Packham

It is absolutely gorgeous, brilliant photos and text. More than a coffee table book. - Customer Review.

2020VISION is published by the AA. Given the subject matter, there are currently no plans for foreign language editions. Click here for information on how to purchase a copy.

Reefs Revealed

Reefs Revealed is my second book, although it is the first that I have both written and photographed. It was published in October 2007 by Constable and Robinson (London) and was awarded World Grand Prize for the best book of underwater photographs at the 34th Festival Mondial De L'Image Sous Marine in Antibes, France.

A coffee-table book with brains as well as beauty. - Simon Rogerson, DIVE Magazine

This pioneering new volume of underwater photography reveals the coral reefs of the world as you have never seen them before, through revolutionary natural-light filter photography and a marine biologist's revelatory understanding of reef life behaviour. A marine scientist by training, Alex Mustard captures the natural behaviour of marine life that many divers miss. In this remarkable volume, he unveils a life-long fascination with the real lives of reef animals. Perpetually surprising, the unique images range from reefs from all around the world, including the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific, South-east Asia, Caribbean. To his peers, Alex Mustard's name has become synonymous with the new digital techniques that he has developed, and he leads the way in the use of filters in available light shooting and shooting telephoto lenses underwater.

Breathtakingly beautiful photographic celebration of the world's coral reefs. - Good Book Guide.

A French language edition of Reefs Revealed, called Voyage Au Coeur Des Recifs, is also available, published by by Romain Pages Editions. And a German language edition, called IM RIFF is also available published by Terra magica-Bildbande. You can find links to order your copy here.

The Art Of Diving

The Art of Diving is my first book, published in the UK in April 2006 and with the USA Edition published in October 2007. A long term collaboration with writer Nick Hanna, and published by Ultimate Sports, it is a shared appreciation of the evocative underwater world. The work combines a wealth of beautiful and remarkable underwater photography, together with captivating explanations of the lure of the oceans, and reveals exactly what Jacques Cousteau meant when he claimed that "underwater, man becomes an archangel". With 272 pages and more than 200 photographs, The Art of Diving has been designed as a book to savour and linger over. Not a how to book about diving, instead it aims to celebrate the rich vibrancy of the underwater world; its influence on a divers mind, body and soul; the thrill of exploring mysterious oceans; the simple rapture of the deep.

This is is the best book about diving since Jacques Cousteaus the Silent World - David Doubilet

Both Nick and I shared the aim to find a fresh and stimulating approach to diving. As a result The Art of Diving breathes new life into topics such fish watching, underwater landscapes and meeting remarkable creatures; plus techniques such as perfect buoyancy control and underwater meditation. The book also considers the threats marine environments face today, revealing and encouraging responsibility for the fate of our ocean heritage. The Art of Diving features interviews with many of the greatest names in the diving world today: including quotes from three generations of Cousteaus and underwater naturalists, photographers, diving authors and aquatic life experts, such as Hans Hass, Howard Hall, Lou Feed, Ned DeLoach, Helmut Debelius, Cathy Church, Zena Holloway, Tanya Streeter etc.

It is probably the best book about diving published in the last 20 years... If you read DIVER because it is a reliable source of diving information, then trust us when we say: buy this book - Michel Gilbert and Danielle Alary

Never before has a book about scuba diving been so beautiful, so literate, and so spot on - Willy Volk

A German language edition of The Art Of Diving, called Tauchen Ultimativ, is also available, and a special North American hardback edition of The Art Of Diving (left) went on sale on 1st October 2007. You can read more press reviews here, see a gallery of images here and find links to order your copy here.

Other Books

As well as the titles where I am a named author, I have been involved in a number of other book projects, sometime writing a chapter, other times contributing multiple images. Most recently I have contributed a chapter on developing a photographic style to the fourth Edition of Martin Edge's The Underwater Photographer (2010) and also to Wild Planet: Celebrating Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2010). In 2009 I wrote the chapter on underwater photography and video for the Diving Almanac by Jeffery Gallant and in 2008 I contributed the cover and a number of images to Pocket Guide Fur Tauchen Rotes Meer. In 2007, I contributed 150 images, including the cover to Dive Red Sea (2007) by Simon Rogerson and John McIntyre; a chapter on available light photography to An Advanced Guide To Digital Underwater Photography (2007) by Michael Aw and Matthieu Meur, and a selection of images to A Diver's Guide To The Art Of Underwater Photography (2007) by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari. Others books I have made significant contributions to include writing a chapter for The Underwater Photographer (2006, Third Edition) by Martin Edge, and the photographing the wildlife section of DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material (2004) published by Maraharishi.

I have also made photographic contributions to Earth (2004) and Ocean (2006) part of the Dorling Kindersley Reference Library Series; Beneath the Seven Seas (2005) by George Bass and Published by Thames and Hudson; and contributed words and images to Fotografia Subacquea: per turtisti digitali (2005) by Enzo Borri published by Digital Lifestyle. You can also find details of these books and others on these pages and links to order them.

I recommend NHBS for buying books, but be warned they have so many good titles there.

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