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I am very proud to be part of the team, which includes 20 of Britain's top nature and landscape photographers, for the 2020VISION nature and conservation photographic project. 2020VISION is a multimedia project broadcasting the connection between human wellbeing: physical, economic and spiritual, and healthy ecosystems. It is a vision of a wilder Britain where it is recognised that healthy ecosystems are actually good for us too. 2020VISION will inspire, inform and motivate. It's message is simple: if we want to take care of ourselves and our families, we must first take care of the eco-system services provided by the wild places that we take for granted and abuse at our peril.. Join up on Facebook and sign up for the newsletter to follow the project. Although the photography phase of the project is now complete, the communication phase is only just started. Buy the book, visit the FREE outdoor exhibition or come to THE VISION Show. You can also read the latest 2020VISION News here.

The FREE outdoor exhibition of 2020VISION prints is currently touring the UK, pictured here in summer 2013 in central London. Photo by Rob Jordan.

The 2020VISION image collection is represented exclusively by Nature Picture Library and the ever growing set of images (7000+) is now online on their website. It is a truly impressive collection. All the images in the collection are available for licensed use through NPL. Rather than look at all of them online you can see a selection in this PDF from NPL.

2020VISION is Britain's most ambitious conservation multimedia initiative ... ever! Check out the official trailer.

2020VISION is always looking for commercial partners and host locations for the outdoor exhibition. If you or the organisation you work for are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. The more support we have the wider the reach of the project. You can email me or visit the website and use the contacts there. You can download this PDF about the project and you can also download this PDF which details some of the ways 2020VISION will deliver its objectives.

Perhaps the best way to understand exactly what the 2020VISION project about is to watch the slideshow video below, where coordinator Pete Cairns describes exactly what we hope to achieve.

Britain's most ambitious conservation photography project from 2020VISION on Vimeo.

I have many very exciting shoots lined up for 2020VISION, but I am not going reproduce that much of what I do for 2020VISION on my website. Instead, I'll add links below about my contributions on the project pages.

May 2013 - The VISION, London

The VISION show hits London, with an evening at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington on Friday 17 May. Andy Rouse is once again hosting, along with fellow 2020VISION photographers Peter Cairns, Mark Hamblin, Bertie Gregory and myself talking about the project. It is a great show full of inspirational stories about wildlife and conservation. And stunning images, still and moving. Tickets here.

May 2013 - Outdoor Exhibition in Central London

The 2020VISION FREE outdoor print exhibition has reached the capital, and is on display on the South Bank of the Thames, close to Tower Bridge. It is a fantastic exhibition and well worth a visit. It is there for the whole of May You can read more about it here.

April 2013 - The VISION, Derbyshire

The 2020VISION theatre show, the VISION is touring the country. I am not involved in all the shows, so I will only share information on those I am presenting (to save this page getting swamped). The show is at Calke Abbey, Ticknall on 24th April with Andy Rouse, Pete Cairns, Bertie Gregory and myself presenting, and the prints are on display at two locations in the National Forest through April. You can read more about it here.

July 2012 - Book Launch

The 2020VISION Book in now on sale and it is sumptuous. You can read more about it here.

July 2012 - Exhibition Launch

In July I headed up to Edinburgh for the 2020VISION exhibition launch. It was a private launch for the project partners, with the free outdoor exhibition of prints being opened to the public on the following day. It was lots of fun toasting the end of the photographic stage of the project. And I enjoyed dancing with Andy Rouse here.

August 2011 - Open Wide

I had a frustrating year shooting basking sharks for 2020VISION. You only need 30 minutes, but it took me all summer and from Lands End to the Hebrides to get that half an hour. You can read the blog entry here.

August 2011 - Never Work With Children Or Animals

Another blog not by me, but featuring me. 2020VISION Young Champion Bertie Gregory writes about our time down in Cornwall photographing kids rockpooling, which was lots of fun. You can read the blog entry here.

August 2011 - The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener

This is not by me, but about by me, by photographer Chris Gomersall about our time together on iWitness Assignment in Mull, photographing ecotourism with sealife surveys. It is his impressions of a few days on a boat with an underwater photographer. You can read the blog entry here.

August 2011 - Glow In The Dark

This popular instalment of the blog was about shooting jewel anemones in Devon with fluorescence filters, causing the anemones to glow in bright colours against a striking black background. You can read the blog entry here.

July 2011 - Puffins Underwater

This isn't a blog but a rare outing for one of my underwater puffin images, which I have been hiding away since taking them for 2020VISION. You can read a bit about it in the Lowdown Newsletter here.

July 2011 - Seal Of Approval

This blog entry is the 2020VISION version of the one below, slightly re-written for the 2020V blog audienvce. You can read a blog entry about it here.

June 2011 - Grey Seals Underwater

This blog entry is not on the 2020VISION site, but on the BBC Wildlife website. It is about the challenge and fun of photographing grey seals underwater. It talks about a previous trip to Lundy Island, which contributed the bulk of my seal images to 2020VISION. You can read a blog entry about it here.

May 2011 - Giant Crabs

In this blog posting I talk about one technique I was trying on my recent trip to Scottish sea lochs, where I was using the Inon fisheye-relay "bug-eye" lens and getting pretty chilly! You can read a blog entry about it here.

March 2011 - Back To School

This blog entry is not about taking photos, but in many ways is even more relevant to the core theme of 2020VISION. It is about an adventure in communication. You can read a blog entry about it here.

October 2010 - More Than A Tourist Beach

In May 2010, I travelled to Devon to photograph mating cuttlefish on a popular tourist beach. You can read a blog entry about it here.

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