Individual coaching in all aspects of underwater photography from Dr Alexander Mustard MBE.

All 1:1 sessions are planned with you in advance, tailored to your interests and requirements, and can include the following:

  • Personal tuition of Adobe Lightroom workflow & processing and Photoshop processing – specifically for underwater photographs. Alex will teach and help you processing your key images to make your best work truly eye catching. Alex says “I process underwater photographs to a professional standard almost every day of the year! Anyone who has joined one of the review sessions on my workshops knows that I am particularly good at diagnosing the problems and quickly fixing them to transform the impact of your images.”
  • Portfolio appraisal and editing. Alex will identify your strongest photographs, explaining which images can work well for stock sales, magazine editorial, print sales and contest entries. They are rarely the same ones. Alex says “working as an underwater photographer I take editing my work very seriously, without it, your most memorable shots are lost in a sea of average images. Different markets require different styles of images and I can help you identify the best uses for your best pictures.”
  • Detailed instruction on any classic or advanced underwater photography technique. Alex is the author of Underwater Photography Masterclass, the most popular book on the subject and has written regular monthly columns on underwater photography techniques for 8 different magazines. This is your chance to dig deep into the techniques of underwater photography for all diving conditions. Alex says “I have shot underwater photographs all over the world and have a great deal of experience teaching techniques on my workshops. Everyone learns in slightly different ways and at different speeds – teaching you face to face is the best way to truly ensure you understand how to make the images you’ve been wanting to.”
  •  Image optimisation and selection for photography competitions. Alex has won many major international awards for his photography and, for example, has been featured in 10 different collections of images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Also he is founder and judge of the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition, and has judged many other major contests including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, British Wildlife Photography Awards, CMS World Championship of Underwater Photography, OASIS Photography Contest and most large underwater photography competitions. Alex says “winning competitions requires top images, but it also requires that you enter the right ones. I feel lots of photographers fail to pick the right images from their portfolio. My experience as a successful competitor and judge can help you select from your photos with the best chances in the different competitions and I can help you process them correctly.”
  • Advise on future purchases and upgrades to your underwater camera gear. Most photographers seek equipment advise from dealers (with a vested interest in selling you something) or their friends (who have typically never shot with anything other than the gear they own). Alex has been reviewing underwater camera equipment for Wetpixel for more than 15 years and regularly does development work for several major manufacturers. He has taken underwater photographs with most types of camera, housing and flashes, and gets to try many new products before they are announced, making him an ideal source of advice on current and future purchases. Alex says “underwater camera gear is expensive and buying the wrong item can be a costly mistake. I simply want you to get the equipment that is right for you, and the type of diving you are planning. For many people, my advice is to spend your money on time underwater, rather than more gadgets!”
  • Career development coaching – raising your profile, social media success and getting published. Marketing yourself is a fundamental step in getting your images seen, appreciated and purchased. Alex will share his advice on building a strong reputation and valuable following in the field of underwater photography and how to work with magazines, agencies and other clients. Alex says “a lot of photographers have good images, but not everyone gets the cover shot or paid commissions. Marketing your work in the right way is essential and it is certainly about more than getting likes! I am happy to share the secrets of my successes as well as the mistakes I’ve made. I can also tell you which publications pay properly and promptly and share the unwritten rules of being an editorial contributor.”

Alex charges an hourly rate of £150 GBP (minimum booking 1 hour) for private tuition. Bookings of 4 hours or more will include an “off the clock” lunch break with Alex (where we can continue to discuss photography). Limited sessions available each year during normal office hours (week days only), in Alex’s home-office in Peterborough, England (collection from mainline station or parking available).

Contact Alex directly (via email or using the contact form on this website) for more details.

From 2019, Alex will be offering remote teaching, with one to one tuition available through a conference call with screen sharing.